Sunday, October 23, 2011

2011 Surrey Candidates for Mayor

Here is a lightly annotated list of all the candidates running for Mayor of Surrey in 2011. Feel free to leave links, complaints, or a thumbs up for any of them in the comments.

See also candidates for Councillor and School Trustee.

Vikram J.S. Bajwa

Realtor/Mortgage broker who wants an international airport with in Surrey city limits.

He is apparently promoting himself with a photo that is about 50 years out of date.

Wants inflation indexed taxes, RCMP replaced by municipal police, ward system.

Wants a lot more money spent on the homeless (8M vs current 3M).

Wants to "involve local taxpayers in all projects over $10 million".  Developer friends that happen to be local tax payers?
Ross Buchanan

Author and business consultant who believes our tax dollars and Translink levies are being squandered, that developers have too much political influence, and that there shouldn't be any trash incinerators built in the region.

Wants to consider cancelling new city hall construction.

Generally objects to rate of growth in city spending, want more bylaw enforcement.

Touraj  Ghanbar-zadeh
Touraj Ghanbar-Zadeh

Founder of All Nursing, wants to replace Translink gas taxes with property tax increases, decrease lot size required for chickens from 1 acre to a quarter acre.

Generically critical of Watts, not so big on proposing solutions.

If elected will "cancel the new gas tax".  Do we even have a municipal gas tax he could cancel, assuming the council went along with it?

Wants single fare zone for transit.

Clifford Tamuno Inimgba

A model/actor who "likes [his] body".  Is the sole member of his own consulting business?  Unfavourable reviews by his students at Northern Lights College.

No particular focus to campaign.

Big signs and website for what I assumed was a joke candidate at first, even if that site misspells "Surry" and links to non-existent endorsements.

Wants to streamline Federal immigration policy, have more bus stops, freeze taxes, encourage local banks to make dubious loans.

Very concerned about minorities.  Wants to both freeze taxes and massively increase services.

Shan Rana

Wants a ward system for Surrey.  Describes himself as a professional activist.

Wants 10 councillors instead of 8, but paid proportionately less.
Dianne Watts (SF)

Endorsed by Surrey Fire Fighters' union.

Brought ex-Presidents Bush and Clinton to speak at 2011 Surrey Regional Economic Summit.

Very big on environmental initiatives, like free (taxpayer funded) electric car charging stations at Surrey City Hall - a nice tax free gift to city employees rich enough to own an electric car.

Hated so much by ex-Liberal (Federal) candidate , ex-SCC Surrey Council candidate Jim McMurty that he's taken to writing deranged complaints against newspapers that claim she lives in Cloverdale.

Takes credit for crazy advance in real estate prices, thinks it's a great thing.

Wants light rail.

Believes Surrey city employees are not overpaid because "We’ve got a collective bargaining process that our bargaining unit is very involved in, and wants to do the very best for the workers."  I'm not sure Watts understands the role the city's negotiators are supposed to be fulfilling.

Deanna WeltersDeanna Welters (SIGN)

Artist who hates Bush., wants "green" infrastructure like light rail.

Wants more public transit, townhome style first floors in new condo developments, and believes something about mature trees but I can't tell what.

Generally an environmental/anti-development focus.


Ryan Blazecka said...

Just yesterday I happened to read through the booklet I got in the mail outlining the candidates for Mayor/Councillor/School peeps. I was genuinely surprised at the level of candidates we're dealing with. One or two joke candidates is one thing, but a large majority of the write-ups, seemingly written by the candidates themselves, were sending up massive red flags for me. This election seems to be a no-brainer.

Raven said...

@Blazecka said:
This election seems to be a no-brainer.

So you want a local international airport too? Tell you what, if you take departure overflights I'll take arrivals.